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Undoubtedly, India is the richest country in terms of cultural heritage as it has an unending collection of arts and crafts. The results would still be same, even if you skip the applied arts or handicrafts. Thus, there are countless objects made by hands, throughout India on daily basis. These artifacts are objects of personal artistic expressions, national pride, symbols of family heritage and identity and sources of livelihood, for the artisans. On the other hand, these artifacts are to facilitate household chores, souvenirs, a source of beauty, marks of refined taste, etc.

The artisans are versatile and varied. There is diversity found in the skills that an artisan has been carrying old traditions to various arts and crafts. Retaining the indigenousness of the skills, the artists have successfully refined them at the same time. Thus, the artisans are praised for presenting the fusing of trend and tradition, with the amalgamation of legacy and developing art forms.

Handicrafts of Rajasthan :

In Rajasthan, Jaipur is one of the finest centers where one could find lovely prints on various kinds of fabrics, especially cotton. Jaipur is also regarded as the India’s largest hub of precious and semi precious stones and gems. When it comes to art and craft, Jaipur has abundant of varieties of offer like Sanganer prints, tie & die sarees and fabrics, brocades, jewellery made of Precious and semi precious stone, ivory carving, marble statuettes, etc.

Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh :

Uttar Pradesh is one stop destination to avail amazing handicrafts. Every region is popular for one or the other specialty. Lucknow for chikan (a type of embroidery); Farrukhabad for hand-printings; Moradabad for metal enameling; Nagina for ebony work; and Varanasi for brassware and brocade. Apart from these, regions of Khamaria, Mirzapur, and Bhadohi are also popular for carpet weaving,

Handicrafts of Gujarat :

The Kachchhi crafts of Gujarat are world famous as there is no alternate available when it comes of finish and exquisiteness. The Kachchhi crafts include bandhni of the khatris, block printing on textiles, and delicate beadwork of Rabari women. Apart from this, leather creations and patch work are also popular like the fine silver work on various precious metals. Gujarat is also famed for traditional lacquer and wood work. The artisans of Nirona and Chobari villages are also known for their extremely fine lacquer work on fabrics. Intricate woodcarvings are also the specialty of Dhordo.

Handicrafts of Tripura :

At Tripura, simple materials like cane, ordinary yarn, palm leaves, and bamboo are used to create amazing handicrafts. Silk, bamboo and cane work along with elaborately designed handlooms are counted as the main industries of Tripura. Thus, the markets are full of mesmerizing collection of handicrafts including Tripuran tribal jewellery, baskets, furniture, calendars toys, lampshades, ivory work, etc.

Handicrafts of Orissa :

Orissa is the perfect destination for ultimate joy while shopping for handicrafts. Here, at Orissa, when it comes to handicrafts, the collection knows no end. There are unique silver filigrees, stoneware, metalware, folk painting, silk and cotton handloom, horn work, applique work, etc.

Handicrafts of Maharashtra :

Maharashtra’s collection of handicrafts includes artistic techniques, which flourished under the rulers of the Marathas, the Mughals and the British. The long and varied tradition of artifacts ranges from the many hundred years old Ajanta to present Warli paintings. Here, Narayan Peth and Paithani are the sought-after textiles. Lacquerware of Sawantwadi and jewellery and chappals of Kolhapur are not to be missed out from the shopping list.

Handicrafts of Kashmir :

The rural crafts of Kashmir, including wood carving, carpet weaving, leatherwork, and handloom weaving of cotton, wool and local silk, are sought-after for uniqueness. These industries, along with jewellery, copperwork, and silverwork, witnessed tremendous growth due to the royal court and the tourists.

Handicrafts of Karnataka :

For aesthetic craftsmanship in rosewood and sandalwood, Karnataka is the perfect destination. Items like coffee tables, inlay work, wall hangings, furniture, etc., are worth to be mentioned on your shopping list. Thus, you may purchase, leather puppets, Bidriware, wooden toys, rich silks, etc., as ideal souvenirs.

Art & Craft make an integral part to the identity of India. The world of faith and belief of the artist finds manifestation in both folk as well as classical arts. Along with the chance of meeting several crafts persons, Ato Z Holidays offers you Art and Craft Tours to have a firsthand glance of the unique arts and crafts of India.

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