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The abundant architectural heritage of historic India includes forts, palaces, temples and tombs. These fascinating palaces and forts receive thousands of visitors from every corner of the world. These majestic forts and palaces exemplify the rich cultural heritage of India.

These monuments are the symbol of the bygone era that rightly exemplify the advanced architectural skills that was capable of creating massive architectural structures without the use of any modern day construction equipments, tools and technology. The majestic palaces and forts are the great example of the power and vision of the rulers and architects of that period. These monuments have not lost their glory and the old world charm despite built hundreds of years ago.

India presents its guests with various forts and palaces to visit during their stay in India. Most of them exhibit the Mughal, Rajput and Colonial architecture. A large of these historic marvel have been converted into heritage or Luxury hotels while many of them are still standing intact for welcoming people for an heritage excursion. The major presence of these places and forts are seen in northern India. Southern and western India also has a sizeable presence of these forts and palaces.

The Mughal rulers that have great love for the art during their rise built a number of beautiful structures in the major cities of their terrain. They built these beautiful structures in various places like Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra and many more. The royal state of Rajasthan is dotted with various forts and palaces that narrate the legacy of its rulers with their splendid architecture. All the major cities of Rajasthan have forts and palaces as an integral part of their landscape. The beauty of the palaces and forts of Rajasthan is matched by no other state palaces and forts in grandeur and scales.

The top most palaces and forts to visit in Rajasthan are Mehrangarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Junagarh Fort, Agra Fort, Amer Fort, Jal Mahal Fort and the Red Fort showcasing the perfect blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

The southern part of India is known for its beautiful temples but is also earned its name for some majestic forts that attract tourists on their tour of South India. The states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are home to some of the beautiful forts that are a must visit on the tour to South India. The forts present in Kerala are built by the Dutch and British. While in Goa there are various forts and churches built by Portugal.

So while planning a vacation in India, travel with A to Z Holidays that features a wide of tour to choose from to explore the royal legacy of the rulers of India in the bygone years.

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